Carman Walking Path

Carman Community Pathway:

A community foot/bike path that winds its way throughout Carman is available to all residents and visitors.

The pathway links recreation areas such as King’s Park, baseball diamonds, golf course and pool area. Away from traffic and surrounded by nature, part of the pathway features a scenic river path that follows the meandering Boyne River.

In the centre of the river path is the Tall Grass Prairies. The pathway provides ample opportunity for walking, jogging, biking, cross country skiing, and a place to enjoy nature. 

King’s Park – Picnic Shelters

Located in our park are 2 picnic shelters. The Large Picnic Shelter comes with the use of a BBQ (propane not provided). These facilities are designed for outdoor gatherings that provides shade, and protection from rain. Although booking the shelters are not necessary, we suggest you do to avoid multiple groups using it at one time. Booking costs are FREE.

To view the picnic shelter schedules, click here

Large Picnic Shelter with BBQ in Kings Park

Large Picnic Shelter

The Large Picnic Shelter is located near the Kin Splash Zone. This shelter includes water, electricity and the outdoor BBQ Pit. When using the Large Shelter with BBQ Please bring along: propane tank(s), BBQ utensils, Things to do before you leave: clean the grill after use, wipe picnic tables for the next users, and make sure all garbage and recycling is thrown in the bins prior to leaving.

Small Picnic Shelter in Carman MB

Small Picnic Shelter

The Small Picnic Shelter is located by King Park’s Playground and the Carman Dufferin Pool. This shelter has water, electricity but NO BBQ Pit. Please ensure you have wiped all picnic tables off for the next users and dispose of all garbage and recycling in bins.

King Park in Winter

Kings Park Playground

This playground is located beside the Carman Dufferin Pool, across from the Tennis Courts. This playground has a play structure, swings, slides, climbing fixtures and park benches.

The Friends and Family Playground Sign

Friends & Family North End Playground

This park is located on 5th Street in the North West corner of Carman. It has a new play structure, swings, slides and benches. This park also houses a half court for outdoor basketball.

Pump Track located by outdoor Gym

Pump Track

The Pump Track is located beside Baseball Diamond 1 between the outdoor gym equipment. You will see a little track with multiple hills to ride bikes on.

Carman Skate Park

Skate Park

The Skate Park is located in Kings Park beside the tennis courts. Grab your skate board and check out the new additions to the Park.

Beach Volleyball Game

Beach Volleyball Court

Carman Dufferin Recreation’s outdoor sanded Volleyball Court is located between the Large Picnic Shelter and the Splash Pad and can be used without reserving at anytime.

Tennis Pickleball Court

Tennis Courts & Pickleball Court

Enjoy Carman’s Tennis Courts both during the day, and in evenings as they are lighted every night. The outdoor Tennis Court’s are located in King’s Park, beside the Skateboard Park, Playground and Pool, 1 pickleball court has been added to the Tennis Court- South Court, Grab some pickleball paddles and balls at the pool house to play a game during June to September.

Horse Shoe game in Carman

Horseshoe Pits

Horseshoe pits are now offered by CDR. It is located East of Carman Dufferin Pool. Equipment can be borrowed from the pool house during pool hours.

Disc Golf at Kings Park

Disc Golf

The disc golf course is conveniently located in Kings Park , making it a great option for individual play, group outings, or family weekends.

Here are some key facts about the Disc Golf game:

Accessibility: Disc golf is a sport that anyone can enjoy, regardless of age or skill level. It’s an inclusive activity that promotes physical activity and outdoor fun.

Cost-effective: One of the great things about disc golf is that it’s entirely free to play! This makes it accessible to all members of our community.

Equipment: Discs can be borrowed from the recreation department, making it easy for everyone to participate.  Discs can be picked up at the Recreation office during regular business hours, and will be lent out for 24 hours at a time. 

The variety of discs available ensures that players can choose the one that best suits their skill level and style.

Course Map: This map will help players navigate the course and make their experience more enjoyable. 

Location: The disc golf course is conveniently located in Kings Park , making it a great option for individual play, group outings, or family weekends.

If you have any questions or need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact the Chamber or the Carman Dufferin Recreation Department (CDR). We can provide additional details and assistance regarding the disc golf course.

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