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Town of Carman – Susan Stein

RM of Dufferin – Sharla Murray

Box 160, Carman, MB R0G 0J0

Carman and Dufferin’s economic development activities seek to improve the economic well-being and quality of life for residents and businesses by creating and retaining jobs, and supporting and growing incomes and the tax base.

The Director of Economic Development is very willing to help your business in whatever capacity we can. The local businesses are what keep Carman and Dufferin active and thriving. Please don’t hesitate to call or drop by the office in the Memorial Hall at 12 2nd Avenue NW.


Community Futures Heartland is an economic development agency that works together with 15 Municipalities in the Heartland region of Manitoba and is dedicated to helping your business succeed.

Ken Reimer, Manager
Phone: 204-239-0135 Fax: 204-239-0176
Portage La Prairie R1N 1R8
11-2nd Street NE

Services Offered:

  • They can assist you with the following topics: business plan preparation, cash flow projections, business resource library, market information and bookkeeping assistance.
  • They provide repayable loans to entrepreneurs that wish to start their own business. The loans have the following characteristics: repayable loans up to $150,000, fixed interest rate of Prime +3%, maximum 5 year term, minimum of 10% owner equity required, available to new or expanding businesses, employment creation is required.
  • Community Futures Heartland has partnered with Manitoba Advanced Education and Training to provide eligible Employment Insurance recipients the opportunity to start their own business. The program provides EI benefits while you start and grow your business.
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Town of Carman
12 2nd Ave SW
Box 160
Carman MB R0G 0J0

Office Hours: 8:30 – 4:30 Mon – Fri
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RM of Dufferin
12 2nd Ave SW
Box 100
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Office Hours: 8:30 – 4:30 Mon – Fri
Phone: 204-745-2301
Fax: 204-745-6348
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