Payment Options

Online Banking:  Add us as a payee to your online banking, you can set up your payments to either “Dufferin (Rural Municipality of/Rural Mun/RM) – Utility or Water” or “Dufferin (Rural Municipality of/Rural Mun/RM) – Taxes ”, use the account number (numbers only) listed on your bill.    If you require assistance through this process, let us know.
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Pre-Authorized Payments:  Contact us for more information or to get set up for pre-authorized payments.  We can automatically withdraw the amount owing on your bill on the due date of the bill directly from your bank account or we can also set up a “budget” plan and withdraw a set amount monthly.
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Cheques:  Please come in with your cheque or mail your payment to
Box 100,
Carman, MB R0G 0J0.
We accept Post dated cheques.

Call us at 204.745.2301 if you need additional assistance.  Any payments received after the due date will be subject to penalty.

Rental Properties

Please be advised that if you are a Landowner that rents out a house on your property that has rural water, YOU, the Landlord are responsible for setting up the water account in the Renter’s name with the RM of Dufferin.

Please contact the office to update YOUR Renter’s contact information and mailing address.

Call Jeanne at 204.745.2301 or e-mail


When moving, if moving OUT please contact the RM of Dufferin office to arrange a final water meter reading. Notice of at least a week minimum is required.

If moving IN, please contact the office to set up your new utility account.

Contact Jeanne at 204.745.2301 or email

The RM of Dufferin would like to take this opportunity to advise residents of the process for notifications that may occur in the event of any water related issues. The municipality may upon occasion need to issue Water Related Notices and/or PRECAUTIONARY Boil Water Advisory’s, affected residents will be contacted by phone, email or text.  All affected residents will be notified specifically, if you do not personally receive a notice by the RM of Dufferin Notification system or the RM of Dufferin office, the Notice or Advisory does not affect you.  Notices may be for specific regions only, please remember you will be notified specifically if the Notice affects you. We appreciate the possible confusion and concern, feel free to contact us directly at any time when looking for clarity.

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Office Hours: 8:30 – 4:30 Mon – Fri
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